February 5, 2004 Print Edition

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Sullivan heralded as pastor's pastor

EUSTIS (FBC)—Encourager, unifier, family man, man of integrity and conviction—these characterizations were consistently used to describe John Sullivan during his 15th anniversary celebration as the ninth executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention.

India’s red light districts in need of the Savior

ALLAHABAD, India (BP)–Shobha has sad eyes. Tired eyes.

Not dead eyes, yet. But dying. The heavy makeup on her face can’t hide it.

Florida evangelist Jay Strack to speak at SBC in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)—The Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, June 15-16 in Indianapolis, will be anything but one-dimensional, reflecting the depth of this year’s theme, "Kingdom Forever," and featured among others, Orlando’s Jay Strack, founder of the Student Leadership University.


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The central idea in religion is God. Before we can understand doctrine and theology, we must seek a definition of God. God has spoken to us by nature, revelation, fellowship and ransom.


Not many years ago, our church’s leadership and I felt we should have joint services with a neighboring black church. Imagine my surprise when, after the announcement, a man confronted me with, "Preacher, you’re making a serious mistake. The Bible clearly teaches that the races are to stay separate!" Really?


Earlier this month, the half-eaten body of a cyclist was found in a California state park. The next day, a second cyclist barely avoided the same fate when her friends threw rocks at the perpetrator: a two-year-old mountain lion.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

Volunteers respond to emergencies, train others

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–In late 2003, trained Florida Baptist disaster relief volunteers responded to an F1 tornado in Florida’s Palm Beach County and traveled over 1,000 miles to help victims of Hurricane Isabel in Washington D.C. and Norfolk, Va.

Philanthropist Paul Piper dies in Apollo Beach

APOLLO BEACH (FBW) - Paul Piper Sr., 86, known throughout the southeast for his charitable contributions to Christian ministries, died Jan. 17 in Apollo Beach. He established four foundations through which he contributed to Christian causes in Florida, Alabama and his home state, Tennessee.

JAX radio show host fined $755K by the FCC for indecency

JACKSONVILLE (FBW) - A 2-year old complaint to the FCC against a Jacksonville radio station has resulted in the largest one-time fine it has ever handed down for indecent broadcasting. According to the Florida Times Union, the $755,000 fine, including the maximum $27,500 penalty for 26 violations, has been levied against four Clear Channel Communications channels in Florida, including WPLA in Jacksonville.

Historical Society seeks nominees

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)–The Florida Baptist Historical Society invites nominations for the annual Heritage Award. Nominees may be living or departed and shall have "exhibited rare and unusual dedication to the cause of Florida Southern Baptist history and shall have made a significant impact through such means as writing Baptist history, teaching Baptist history, and/or promoting the importance of Florida Southern Baptist history."

State Board suspends disfellowshipped church

EUSTIS (FBC)-In a precedent setting move, the State Board of Missions suspended membership of a Daytona Beach church after its association withdrew fellowship over theological concerns until the congregation applies for, and is approved to receive, church-at-large status with the Florida Baptist State Convention.

Historical Vignette: Mercers leave Florida legacy

The Alachua and West Florida Baptist Associations were begun in 1847. These two associations with the Florida Baptist Association were the organizing entities that formed The Baptist Convention of the State of Florida in 1854.

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