February 22, 2007 Print Edition

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2007 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (NAMB)—Each year Southern Baptists set aside a week of prayer to reflect on the work of Southern Baptist missionaries who are serving across North America—and to prepare for an offering that has exceeded $1 billion since its inception.

Vacation Bible School EXPO sets pace for 'Game Day' fun

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Nearly 2,000 Vacation Bible School leaders are more prepared than ever before for this year's outreach thanks to VBS previews featuring a new interactive expo.

Tornado rekindles fears in New Orleans neighborhoods

NEW ORLEANS (BP)—Terror struck New Orleans Feb. 13 as an early morning tornado touched down in neighborhoods still recovering from Hurricane Katrina's onslaught in August 2005.

Point of View

Of all of the articles I've written, none prompted more negative responses than "Poperah"—an article dealing with the Christ—denying false gospel of positive thinking spirituality being propagated throughout the world by Oprah Winfrey. In today's celebrity culture, anyone daring enough to chip away at the glitter pasted on beloved celebrities by their adoring fans will certainly face a deafening public outcry. Such was the case recently when our Florida Baptist Witness carried my article: "'Make-believers' find a new 'Christ' in Cruise." Although one would have thought that I had learned my lesson by taking on Oprah, I proved to be cruising (pardon the pun) for a bruising by taking on Tom, not to mention tackling Scientology, which happens to be the most litigious religion ever founded in the United States.

Letters to the Editor

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Point of View

In a first-person column last week, I began looking at Luke 13:1-9 in which our Lord Jesus shows the power of His communication skills. Sometimes we think we are communicating and then later find out that we weren't. We would love to have even just a portion of Jesus' skill in communicating.

Point of View

Sleeves rolled up and arms immersed in sudsy water, Buck and Debra stood at my kitchen sink scrubbing pots while I recovered from surgery last month.

Point of View

If I told you that "doctors' personal beliefs can hinder care," you might guess that I was talking about physicians who would use leeches instead of antibiotics—or, maybe, Jehovah's Witnesses who refused to give their patients blood transfusions.

Groundhog Day tornadoes claim two in Fruitland Park

FRUITLAND PARK (FBW)—Two Fruitland Park congregations are mourning the loss of young people who were killed in the Groundhog Day tornadoes Feb. 2.

Miami association adds seven churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention's Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 18 new churches in January, 2007. The following is a listing of new churches by association:

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