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Is charismatic theology historically Baptist?

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Can Southern Baptists adopt elements of charismatic theology and still be considered Baptist?

Vines named 'pastor emeritus' at FBC JAX

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Jerry Vines, retired pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, took to his former pulpit Feb. 4-this time as a guest at the Pastors' Conference he co-founded 21 years ago. And when the former Southern Baptist Convention president left the pulpit, he officially became the pastor emeritus of First Baptist Jacksonville.

Florida Baptist disaster relief effort shifts to recovery after Feb. 2 'Groundhog Day tornadoes'

LEESBURG (FBW)-Disaster relief crews have finished their emergency work after the "Groundhog Day tornadoes" of Feb. 2, and are shifting into long-term recovery projects, according to Fritz Wilson, director of Florida Baptist Disaster Relief. A volunteer work force of around two dozen remains active of the more than 492 who completed clean-up projects in the week after the storms.

Point of View

Our Lord Jesus has often been called the Great Teacher. For one to be a great teacher means one has developed the skills of communication to an extraordinary level.

Point of View

I had to smile. Restless and somewhat bored after spending hours waiting for me to return from major surgery last month, my daughter visited the hospital gift shop and found the perfect present. A pink monkey. And not just any pink monkey. This fellow looked just like the dozens I had received from various students of mine throughout my teaching years. Except for one thing-it was pink.

Point of View

A few years ago, I told "BreakPoint" listeners and readers the story of Burma's Christians, in particular the ethnic group called the Chin. As I said, "for many years, crosses dotted the mountaintops and villages in the Chins' homeland," which made sense in a region where 90 percent of the population is Christian.

New 'unnamed' radio show adds to BCF line-up

GRACEVILLE (BCF)—Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. central time, students, faculty, staff, and the general public are invited to listen to the newest addition to The Baptist College of Florida's WFBU radio station.

First Baptist Paisley reaches neighbors after tornadoes

PAISLEY (FBW)—First Baptist Church in Paisley is continuing a long tradition of community service by providing for its neighbors in the aftermath of the Feb. 2 outbreak of tornadoes. The congregation's hard work in disaster relief is paying eternal dividends, according to Pastor John Roszak

Live Oak volunteers receive 'ten-fold' of what they gave

LIVE OAK (FBW)—Robin Doyle and her father Jim Eagler, members of Shady Grove Baptist Church in Live Oak, ministered to families in Paisley after what has become known as the "Groundhog Day tornadoes" which struck Central Florida Feb. 2.

Film about Wilberforce called inspirational

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—William Wilberforce isn't a household name in America, but an upcoming motion picture is trying to change that.

Mom cries for end of child slavery, teen abolitionist promotes cause

MIAMI (FBW)—A young girl named Rita looks up, dark eyes wary, mouth unsmiling. She has few clothes and despite being 12 years old, looks no more than five. Malnourished and overworked, Rita was rescued from selling water on the streets of Niger, hundreds of miles from her village in Benin, Africa, seven years after a relative sold her into slavery.

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