February 13, 2003 Print Edition

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Military action in Iraq justified, says prof.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP)-A former presidential adviser and expert in "just war" theory said Secretary of State Colin Powell's Feb. 5 speech to the United Nations provided additional justification for taking action against Iraq.

New staff added to student ministries, Sunday School

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-The State Board of Missions elected Mark Lydecker of Tampa and Richard Wheeler of Jacksonville to fill staff vacancies at the Florida Baptist Convention.

State Board of Missions begins year with prayer

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Focusing on prayer and spiritual renewal, new Board president Gary Crawford sought to cast a vision for evangelism and missions during the January meeting of the State Board of Missions.

FAITH strategy celebrates 5 years of evangelism

DAYTONA BEACH (BP)-The FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy, as an international entity, is five years old. More than 400 people celebrated the milestone Jan. 27-31 at FAITH's birthplace, First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

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It is just plain foolish.


A few years ago, a film called "The Truman Show" came out. It featured a man in his thirties whose entire life from the moment of his birth had been filmed and-unbeknownst to him-watched by a vast television audience twenty-four hours a day. The small town he lived in was actually a giant movie set. The people he thought were family and friends were actors. He had the illusion of living a normal life in a normal town-but it was just that: an illusion.

Training Update

-Training set for international mission trip leaders
-Building a life-changing men's ministry
-Learn how to manage culture shock, witness effectively

Welch flies a million miles to spread FAITH strategy

DAYTONA BEACH (BP)-It takes some degree of trust for anyone to fly these days, but for Bobby Welch, a million-miler with Delta Sky Miles, it really takes FAITH.

Don't fear man, trust God,' Rankin tells new workers

PHOENIX (BP)-The only reason missionaries venture into a dangerous world with the Gospel message is that God has called them, International Mission Board President Jerry Rankin told 52 new workers in a Jan. 24 service at North Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix.

Two couples with Florida ties join 52 IMB appointees

PHOENIX (FBW)-Two couples with Florida ties, Charles and Karen Clark and Jeremy and April Langley, were appointed as missionaries by the International Mission Board Jan. 24. During the service at North Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix, IMB President Jerry Rankin told the 52 new missionaries the only reason missionaries share the Gospel in the hazardous places of the world is because God called them.

IMB trustees celebrate, respond to needs

PHOENIX (BP)-International Mission Board trustees in Phoenix Jan. 24 celebrated reports of dramatic advances overseas and allocated money to cover deficits caused by the rapid growth in missionary numbers that is outstripping financial contributions from the churches.

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