December 8, 2005 Print Edition

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Missionary seeks best, brightest to finish work in Peru

PERU (IMB)— About 50 missions volunteers scatter around a hotel lobby high in the mountains of Canta, Peru. As they prepare to jump in trucks and ride into villages, Boots Holder is where he likes to be—out of the way, flipping pancakes in the kitchen.

Baptist scholar sounds warning to ‘emerging church’

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (BP)—A leading Southern Baptist scholar is urging caution when assessing the theology and practice of some leaders among the “emerging church,” a small but growing movement among evangelicals seeking to go beyond the approach of many modern mega-churches.

Orlando church offers new language, ethnic ministry model

ORLANDO (FBW) – Reaching non-English speaking people with the Gospel is nothing new for many Anglo Southern Baptist churches, but the paradigm at First Baptist Church of Central Florida in the Orlando area is catching the attention of many who are concerned about reaching second and third generation immigrants who often feel out of place in churches geared to reach their parents’ and grandparents’ “heart” language and culture.

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Point of View

There are probably few people on this planet who haven’t heard of Oprah Winfrey. Her media empire includes television, Internet, magazines, movies, and more. Viewers and readers look to Oprah for advice on everything from what clothes to buy to what charity to support to what self-help book to read.

Point of View

Jimmy Carter, the globetrotting ex-president, spends a great deal of his time promoting democracy, as he sees it, around the world.

Point of View

Former president Jimmy Carter has written yet another book -- his twentieth -- and he has hit the media circuit in order to promote his latest project. Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis represents the former president's return to familiar themes, even as it will add new layers of confusion concerning his actual beliefs and values.

Pastoral leadership revives 135-year-old congregation

PALATKA (FBC)–Two years ago, the rotting, termite-infested baptistery at First Baptist Church of Palatka served mostly as a storage area, its baptismal waters stirred an average of a dozen times per year as the congregation languished on a growth plateau.

Church destroyed by Hurricane Charley focuses on giving, rebuilding

ARCADIA (FBC)–The sacred church ground is now an empty plot. Scattering hymnbooks, Bibles and pews, Hurricane Charley destroyed Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church in Arcadia, the place where for more than 60 years weddings, funerals and baptisms had marked rites of passage.

Wave of hope follows devastating tsunami in Thailand

THAILAND (IMB)—Sunset paints a glorious reddish glow across the placid water lapping the beach at Khao Lak, Thailand.

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