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"Our message is be afraid, be very afraid," a Bush administration spokesman was quoted as saying recently after reviewing terrorist threats against the United States. The FBI has warned of the possibility of "spectacular attacks" in the United States with the goals of thousands of casualties and major disruption of our economy.


Technology has improved considerably the mechanisms of navigation. Yet, these advances in instrumentation have not changed the basic practices of navigation that guided ancient explorers and modern trailblazers alike. Then and now, successful piloting has resulted largely from setting a true reference to start the journey and measuring progress along the way. Even with satellite navigation, a grid reference must be synchronized with known points on the earth in order to ensure that plotting information is trustworthy.


The decision of the federal district court in Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 18-ruling that a monument to the Ten Commandments in that state's Supreme Court building was unconstitutional-has been widely publicized.


What a difference it makes in everything, if we feel like we have just been rescued from torment and death! Picture your attitude on a Navy ship after being plucked from the ocean where you spent weeks adrift on a life raft. Or picture yourself rescued from a deep, collapsing mine in Pennsylvania. Or think of a nine-month battle with malignant cancer, only to hear the doctor say, "I can't explain it, but it's gone." Think about your powers of patience and kindness and forgiveness in those early hours of relief and rejoicing.

Can victims of an affair be blind to the truth?

QUESTION: Do you feel that there is a kind of "blindness" that can occur when a victim of an affair denies the truth? My husband was fooling around with my best friend for two years before I could acknowledge it to myself. But why would I deny the truth?

Family briefs

-- High court to review online porn decision -
-- Cloning ban proponents see shifts at U.N. & in Congress -

Father is most significant name for God in the Bible

The eternal Fatherhood of God should be a balm to Christians who have a negative relationship with their earthly father, said Mary Kassian, popular women's author and president of Alabaster Flask Ministries in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Land recaps 'meltdown' in U.S. parents' God-given roles

If you consider your television a decent babysitter for your children, you're not alone. And if you've been tempted to rip the cable out of the back of your TV and throw the set out your front door, you're still not alone - although you are in the minority.

Coach Dungy's game plan includes spiritual goals

In Indianapolis, the home of the Colts, a lot of hype has surrounded the hiring of a new head coach. Fans have been made aware of Tony Dungy's coaching background.

First Person: When compassion intervenes for a single touchdown

A single touchdown in a 42-6 blowout wouldn't mean much to most people.

Alabama Baptists call for end to racial prejudice statewide

Alabama Baptists meeting at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 19-20 called for changes in the Alabama constitution and state laws regarding racial fairness.

School board reverses earlier decision

It took "persistence" and "prayer," but the 84-voice Seminole High School Gospel Choir was handed a victory Nov. 22 when the local school board issued new guidelines allowing the choir to perform at events held in churches.

SBC seminary presidents honor Vines

Praising him as an "example to the pastors of the Southern Baptist Convention," the presidents of the six Southern Baptist seminaries presented a "Certificate of Honor" to Jerry Vines Nov. 24 during the morning worship service of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

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