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Christmas on board cargo ship at JAX port

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-The fast-moving cargo ship was in port for less than half a day with a steady stream of vehicles being driven onshore from its five decks. Even so, in the midst of off-loading 1,232 SUVs and cars, two-dozen seafarers and their captain took time Dec. 8 to spend a few minutes with volunteers who shared with them the true meaning of Christmas.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

NIGER, West Africa (IMB)-Villagers stand in a small huddle around a stack of 50-kilogram bags of rice, speaking the Tamashek language in heated tones.

Point of View

Jesus seeks the forgotten, the downtrodden and the rejected people of this world.

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Point of View

The headline on this week's column might lead one to believe I was talking about the practice of receiving gifts and filling stockings with fruit during the Christmas season. However, while those are wonderful parts of the Christmas season, that is not what I am referencing. I'm referring to the scriptural description of spiritual gifts as well as the fruits of the Spirit.

Point of View

Can there be any doubt that Southern Baptists have come to a crossroads in support for our cooperative ministries? Without a change in our attitude toward missions, the Southern Baptist Convention will be diminished in ways none of us will find to be an improvement.

Point of View

England's prestigious and influential Nuffield Council on Bioethics has recommended that babies born before 22 weeks be given no special treatment to save their lives. Claiming to have the "best interests" of these babies at heart, the Council stated-and read this carefully: "We view [the baby's] interests in living or dying, or in avoiding an 'intolerable' life ... as more important than the interests that others may have in any significant decisions made about him or her"-like parents, I guess. If babies are born after 22 weeks, the Council said, intensive care should be given only if both doctors and parents agree on it.

SBC president calls for prayer, passion and unity during Jacksonville visit to FBC

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page called on the Florida Baptist Convention staff to pray for the three "R's"- rightness, relevancy and revival"-to return the denomination to its core values of missions and evangelism.

Olive Baptist goes 'outside the walls' to I-10 bridge crews

PENSACOLA (FBW)-On a recent chilly, windy day in Pensacola, men and women working to rebuild the I-10 bridge over Escambia Bay took a break at noon to enjoy a hot meal and the warmth of grateful members of Olive Baptist Church. The lunch grew out of Olive's 2007 theme, "Outside the Walls," according to Pastor Ted Traylor.

Korean church partners in ministry with Pensacola neighbor

PENSACOLA (FBW)-Two Pensacola congregations demonstrated a spirit of "sweet reasonableness" this Christmas season, according to Bob Greene, Pensacola Bay Baptist Association's director of missions.

Hope for the hopeless: Reaching the Songhai for Christ

NIGER, West Africa (IMB)-Pregnant Songhai women approach the cinderblock, tin-roofed clinic of Kanazi for routine checkups. They come one by one. When Sally Womble reminds them to return next month for another exam, she often hears the response, "Inshallah" or "if God wills."

Senior adult brings revival along the Amazon River

HOLT (FBC)-Answering God's call, Wandera Pitman entered the mission field for the first time at the age of 76, proving that the young and old alike can be His witnesses and bring spiritual rivers of revival to a foreign nation.

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