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Governor’s mansion sparkles for FBCH kids

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)—Seventy children from Florida Baptist Children’s Homes were special guests at the Florida governor’s mansion Dec. 3 where they decorated Christmas cookies, picked up presents from Santa, took part in lighting the Christmas tree and wrote letters to soldiers fighting in the war overseas.

Tree honors those lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

LONG KEY (FBW)—In honor of the soldiers who will never again be home for Christmas, Layton Community Baptist Church on Long Key in early December erected a Christmas tree decorated with their names.

Violin-flute artists on faith adventure

COLLEGE GROVE, Tenn. (BP)—Bruce and Lisa Wethey had never done a Christmas CD.

Bethlehem star: Natural & miraculous?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—The star of Bethlehem: Natural occurrence or miraculous event? Rick Larson believes it’s not an either/or answer.

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Point of View

Editor’s note: The first part of this analysis of the new motion picture The Golden Compass addressed the challenge of the film concerning its atheistic origins and how Christians should respond. In this final part, Dr. Mohler deals with another troubling element of the film and the books upon which it is based.

Point of View

Seagulls are screeching outside my window where the sun is beginning its glorious rise to bright blue skies. It’s almost Christmas in Florida and today the air conditioner is running as we prepare for Sunday morning worship. Just last weekend, however, I woke to freezing rain and pulled the covers tighter in Kansas City, Mo., where church services had been cancelled on the last day of a spontaneous trip to help out my son’s little family.

Point of View

Willow Creek Community Church, one of America’s biggest and most prominent churches, recently released a short book called Reveal: Where Are You? The book contains the results of a comprehensive study that Willow Creek conducted among their own members and among members of other churches that use their model. Pastor Bill Hybels has said that the results of that study are “earth-shaking,” “ground-breaking.”

Apologist Ergun Caner tells BCF audience to pursue evangelism whatever the cost

GRACEVILLE (BCF)—Christian apologist Ergun Caner told Baptist College of Florida faculty, students and friends Nov. 28 to continue sharing the Gospel whatever the cost. The president of Liberty Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Va., spoke in the R.G. Lee Chapel during the Graceville college’s senior honors day for the class which graduated Dec. 7.

BCF seniors honored for excellence in preaching

On Nov. 27, Miles preached “What a Mighty God” on Mark 15:33-39. He said God is in control of time, even in the smallest detail; He is in control of the elements; and He is in control of our sin, evidenced by Jesus’ taking all our sins upon Himself. Miles thanked several BCF faculty members for being “influential mentors.”

Kinchen compares grads to clay pots

GRACEVILLE (BCF/FBW)—President Thomas A. Kinchen told the graduating class of 2007 to be so filled by God that they would "slosh" out His goodness all over the place.

Baptists take lead in opposing evolution-only standards

TAMPA (FBW)—From activist moms in St. Augustine, to a member of the State Board of Education in Tallahassee, to a church leader in Brandon, Florida Baptists have taken the lead in opposing proposed science standards that require evolution-only teaching in the Sunshine State’s public schools.

Marriage amendment qualifies for 2008 ballot

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)—Floridians will vote in November on a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage after the initiative surpassed on Dec. 12 the 611,009 requirement for qualified petitions to put the proposal before voters in 2008.

Pastor shares Christmas story at United Nations

NEW YORK (FBW)—Huddled with an ambassador to the United Nations from a Muslim state, Mac Brunson said he was spellbound as he watched the man draw diagrams on five-by-seven yellow-lined tablet describing historic events in the region he is from.

Teens burglarize ‘city of Bethlehem’

LONGWOOD (FBW)—Two teenaged girls burglarized the “city of Bethlehem” in the wee hours of the morning Dec. 8, stealing over $500 worth of props and tools from the elaborate nativity scene outside First Baptist Church in Longwood.

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