December 15, 2005 Print Edition

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Missionary strategist ‘connecting people’ in Spain

MADRID (IMB)—The playground’s dust scatters beneath children’s scampering feet as they race for the slide. Mothers stand nearby to monitor the raucous playing, their heads covered with traditional Muslim scarves. A few loose dogs skid to a stop as they pounce on a ball thrown by their owner. Children’s laughter mingles with chirping birds and chatting parents to create a buzz at the neighborhood playground.

Church names clinic for Haley

WINTER HAVEN (FBW)–Little three-year-old Haley hopes to come home from her six-month hospital stay in time for Christmas—and hopefully will visit a medical clinic her church has just named in her honor in Winter Haven.

Ormond Beach churches erect Nativity on city hall plaza

ORMOND BEACH (FBW)–Frustrated by secular images and politically correct holiday greetings, Dennis Belz wrote the city of Ormond Beach in January requesting “CHRIST be put back into CHRISTmas.”

Point of View

I have been quite disturbed by your recent editorial concerning my book, Our Endangered Values [Dec. 8].

Point of View

The British were stunned by a taped message left by one of the suicide bombers in July’s attacks on London. It wasn’t what he said—the usual stuff about the oppression of Muslims—but how he said it: with a classic Yorkshire accent. Islamic terror, it seems, is becoming a domestic product.

Point of View

The Apostle Paul might not have been the easiest person to engage in relaxed conversation, speculates missionary Carter Bolin*, strategy coordinator for the 27 million Muslims of West Bengal and neighboring areas of India.

Point of View

In Matthew 4, we read the words of Jesus to His first disciples: “Come, follow me.”

The Mosaic Church reaches out into life’s living room

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Dim lights and fragrant candles illuminate the warm-colored, couch-cluttered room where The Mosaic Church in north Jacksonville gathers for worship every Sunday.

Ethiopian pastor pursues vision for his people in Florida

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–In a small room on the campus of Parkwood Baptist Church in Jacksonville, a group of Ethiopians pray in their native tongue with arms stretched outward over the heads of more than 15 jittery, little children.

Christmas sparks old friends’ memories of Rogers

TITUSVILLE (FBW)-Years ago three central Florida pastors left the demands of their churches to go fishing together. At a lake between Mims and Sanford, they enjoyed fishing and talking so much that they lost track of time. They headed home after dark pulling a boat with no lights.

Signs a reaction to seasonal restrictions

LAKELAND (FBW)-Signs of Christian convictions are sprouting in residents’ front yards in Lakeland. More than a thousand signs reading “Jesus: He’s the Reason for the Season: Merry Christmas,” have been purchased by South Florida Baptist Association and Scott Lake Baptist Church for distribution to church members.

BCF students help rebuild broken homes, lives

PASCAGOULA, MISS. (BCF)–It’s been called the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. Hurricane Katrina swept a path of destruction throughout the Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines. It was like nothing ever seen before, leaving behind a sea of broken homes and broken lives. Baptist College of Florida (BCF) students made two trips to the hurricane-ravaged area of Pascagoula, Miss., recently to help residents there rebuild both.

Orlando prisons prove fertile ground for the Gospel

ORLANDO (FBCO)–What was forged on the blood-drenched battlefields of France and Germany in World War II has served to motivate Charles Richard to this very day.

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