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Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

NIGER, West Africa (IMB)-In Niger's desert sands the Tuareg people still live in the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors, still survive where water and food are increasingly scarce, and still practice the Islamic faith passed down to them. But Tuareg now search for hope as their way of life is progressively threatened each day.

Goat Ministry unexpected and life changing

NIGER, West Africa (FBC)-Brittany Sullivan never intended to start a "goat ministry," she simply was following God's calling to the mission field of Niamey, Niger. She returned to the United States in early December having made life a little easier for ten Nigerian families.

Southern Baptists ask 'Who is Lottie Moon?'

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)-If you're a Southern Baptist and ever wondered who Lottie Moon is, you aren't alone.

Sandy Creek-Charlestonian Convergence discusses 'private prayer language'

ARLINGTON, Texas (BP)-The coming together of 112 people of assorted ages, races, doctrinal interpretations and worship practices gave host pastors Dwight McKissic of Texas and Wade Burleson of Oklahoma reason to be encouraged after a year in which both have been the center of controversy on denominational trustee boards.

Point of View

In one of his columns for The New York Times, Nicholas Kristof once pointed to belief in the Virgin Birth as evidence that conservative Christians are "less intellectual." Are we saddled with an untenable doctrine? Is belief in the Virgin Birth really necessary?

Point of View

Christmas: the birth of our Savior-gift giving-seeing relatives-helping people-generosity-little children. So many words you can use to describe the joyous Christmas season.

Point of View

Have you ever wondered where the ends of the earth are? Think about it. When Jesus used that phrase in Acts 1:8, he had spent most of his life on earth in what is today central Israel. Other than an exile to Egypt when He was a boy (Matthew 2:13-15), His life-and especially His earthly ministry-was spent within dozens of miles of his birthplace. Although He didn't travel there, He obviously knew the "ends of the earth" existed.

Point of View

A letter from Lottie Moon, missionary to China, was published in the Foreign Mission Journal in 1887 urging Southern Baptist women to take seriously their role in reaching the world for Christ. In today's busy church life, we sometimes forget her call to prayer, sacrificial giving and self-denial. As we begin our celebration of Christmas, let's remember the words of Lottie herself:

Point of View

Recently, I've addressed the difficult choices facing us in Iraq: The most popular option, an expedited withdrawal, would be disastrous for both our national security and the Iraqi people. "Cutting and running" would leave Iran as the regional superpower and threaten the safety of our only reliable and democratic ally in the region: Israel.

Transitional pastor prepares Lake Placid church

LAKE PLACID (FBC)-Easily capturing the soulful rock sounds of Christian artists David Crowder, Casting Crowns and other groups played frequently on contemporary gospel radio, an eight-member band skillfully led the 9:15 a.m. worship at Lake Placid's First Baptist Church.

Stepfamilies an under-served population in Florida

ST. AUGUSTINE (FBC)-"While new research says that 40 percent of married households in Florida began with an adult bringing a child into the relationship and 30 percent of all U.S. marriages form stepfamilies, they are an under-served population," said Ron Deal, speaking at the Build a Successful Stepfamily Conference Dec. 1-2 at Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine.

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