December 12, 2002 Print Edition

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Bias alleged in JAX chaplain appointment

The attorney for most of the evangelical chaplains alleging discrimination by the U.S. Navy has asked a federal court to cancel a Reserve chaplain's appointment to active duty at Jacksonville's Naval Air Station.

Three more churches join Witness CNS

Three new churches have decided to join the Florida Baptist Witness Church Newsletter Service: First Baptist Church, Glen St. Mary; Aloma Baptist Church, Winter Park; and Pine Terrace Baptist Church, Milton.

Orlando approves gay rights ordinance

In a final 4-3 vote, the Orlando City Council passed a "sexual orientation" ordinance Dec. 2 on the heels of protracted public meetings and debate over the issue.


As we daily move closer to the 2002 celebration of Christ's birth, we are reminded that Christmas is about God breaking into the arena of human life. He pitches His tent with us. He walks with us. He is with us wherever we go and whatever we do. In the process of these Christmas reflections, we meet some fascinating people.

Guest Editorial

Are you ready for another dose of religious sensitivity medicine? The Christmas season is in full swing, which means that the doctors of cultural relativism are out in full force once again to impose their virulent agenda upon the American public. The goal? Rid the cultural landscape of all religious content that is offensive or exclusivist in nature! In the minds of many, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an epidemic disease that must be eradicated if America is ever to become a homogenous and harmonious society. Its detractors allege that the Christian message is guilty on both counts-offensive to the multi-faceted religious tastes of mankind, and exclusive of any and all alternative messages of hope-and must therefore be subdued. The result is a predictable amalgamation of legal actions to hinder or halt public displays of Christian truth.


In a book that Ellen Vaughn and I wrote called The Body, which is now being updated for a re-publication next spring, we described the "identity crisis" confronting the American Church.


God's first institution, the family, is in trouble.

Miami Haitian church feeds hungry, helps friends

Afraid for his children's safety, evangelist Eddy Francois and his family fled to Miami after learning that factions in Haiti intended to kidnap his children in retaliation for his outspoken political views.

Emeritus IMB missionary Mary Sue Banks dies

Mary Sue Banks, an emeritus Southern Baptist missionary, died Oct. 30, 2002. She was 84.

NARTH psychologists in Orlando discuss sexual re-orientation

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) held its annual conference in Orlando Nov. 9-10. Professional counselors gathered from across the country to discuss how to approach the issue of helping clients with unwanted homosexuality, according to a Nov. 25 press release.

'For You Miami' planting strategic urban churches

What do a graphic designer and a welder have in common? They both worked as craftsmen, fashioning patterns and shaping materials. They both quit their jobs to plant churches in Miami. And, they now work as craftsmen of a different sort-shaping lives and developing plans to impact their communities for Christ.

NAMB Strategic Focus kicks off in 2003

The beginning of year 2003 will mark the start of "For You Miami," a church planting and evangelism emphasis in South Florida

Resurreccíon motto: 'Living with purpose in a unique city'

With a slender steeple and a building design that culminates in a sharp triangular peak, the nearly complete worship center of Iglesia Bautista Resurreccíon looks like a piece of modern art befitting its location in the culturally vibrant Little Havana section of South Miami.

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FAITH celebrates fifth anniversary at Daytona meeting -
Women's Winter Gathering: 'Romance of the Heart' -

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