December 11, 2003 Print Edition

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Amber’s story: Joy on Christmas Eve

MIAMI (FBW)—Christmas Eve 1995 the entire Satterwhite family gathered at 14-year-old Amber’s bedside in a South Carolina hospital. A noisy respirator delivering air to her lungs, a feeding tube in her nose, and the earnest prayers of her family were the only signs of life.

Earlier in the evening Amber’s 11-year-old brother Dean had roamed the hallways of the intensive care unit, crying and upset. He had been told the inevitable. Amber would not wake up.

Guardian’s report ‘academic’ but not ‘practical’

CLEARWATER (FBW)-Though he might be striving to serve as a mediator, and though his conclusions may sound profound — a long-time Florida litigator said the court-appointed guardian ad litem for Terri Schiavo, has failed to apply simple logic in a case that is not typical, but is instead full of unanswered questions and suspect motives.


Along a similar vein to the FCC editorial, it’s necessary to update readers on my editorial from last week, "A&F: ‘Purveyors of perversity’ changes its ways?" (Dec. 4, 2003). As suspected, A&F has not changed its ways —and neither should those who are faithfully boycotting the indecent clothier which is popular among teens and college students.


ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)– Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Who’s the smartest of them all?

Is it Michael Jackson, enticing young boys to his Neverland Ranch so he can spend time with them?

Historical Vignette: Mays: ‘Father of the Florida Baptist Convention’

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Richard Johnson Mays (January 22, 1808-July 18, 1864) could be considered the "Father of the Florida Baptist Convention." W. N. Chaudoin would later (1880) be seen as the organizational genius of the convention but it was the spirit, leadership, and impetus of Mays that was so important in the foundation days of the new state convention. It was in the home of Richard Johnson Mays that the Florida Baptist Convention was organized on Monday, November 20, 1854, at 8 p.m., in the parlor of his plantation mansion. He was elected the first convention president.

State Conventions address budgets, affirm marriage

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–A third of state Baptist conventions this fall reduced their budgets for next year in order to address declines in giving by churches. Meanwhile, 15 conventions affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

December 21: What Child Is This?

Wiley Richards is a retired professor of theology and philosophy at The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville.

December 28: Life in the Son

Wiley Richards is a retired professor of theology and philosophy at The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville.

December 21: Rejoicing in the Savior's Birth

Steve Smartt is pastor of Moultrie Baptist Church in St. Augustine.

December 28: Understanding God's Compassion

Steve Smartt is pastor of Moultrie Baptist Church in St. Augustine.

The Kingdom comes with new ‘Rings’ trilogy release

THE RETURN OF THE KING, the final chapter of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, tells what further trials Frodo, Sam, and their friends must face in order to defeat the demonic forces led by Sauron. THE RETURN OF THE KING, based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, is one of the great movie masterpieces that weaves many biblical principles and allegorical Christian metaphors into a magnificent story. A factasy /action-adventure movie, it is too scary and intense for younger children.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

Florida Baptist Witness welcomes Steve Smartt as new Sunday School writer

The Witness welcomes Steve Smartt as its Explore the Bible Sunday School Commentary writer.

Is LifeWay’s ‘Rickshaw Rally’ culturally sensitive to Asians?

Recently a debate has begun among Southern Baptists about LifeWay Christian Resources’ 2004 Vacation Bible School materials, "Far Out, Far East Rickshaw Rally: Racing to the Son."

Nov. 7-8 at their annual state convention meeting in Warwick, R.I., New England Baptists voted not to endorse next year’s Vacation Bible School curriculum from LifeWay due to concerns by some Asian Americans that the "Rickshaw Rally" theme is a poor representation of the Asian culture, according to Baptist Press.

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