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Former coach facing greatest challenge

INDIA (IMB) — As the youngest high school football coach in South Carolina Division 4-A history, 24-year-old Carter Bolin* relished the challenge of motivating his team before games against bigger, better opponents.

2005 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: Strategy coordinators key mission players

RICHMOND, Va. (IMB)–They lead, dream, worship, learn and plan. They’re International Mission Board strategy coordinators, and they play a key role in reaching the whole world with the Gospel.

IMB tightens policy, guidelines on tongues, baptism

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (SBT)–The practice of tongues and so-called prayer languages, as well as baptism from fellowships that are not of like doctrine with Southern Baptists, will likely disqualify missionary candidates applying to the International Mission Board, according to new IMB policies and guidelines.

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Point of View

It was one of those awkward hallway moments when a great leader squints at your name tag and tries to place you. Adrian and Joyce Rogers paused outside of the elevators on a high floor at a hotel in New Orleans.

Point of View

The spiritual seeker was asking lots of questions about Christianity – which was good. He was asking them of a friend of mine who’s a mature Christian – also good. But some of my friend’s answers were – how shall I put it – a bit off the wall.

Point of View

Historians identify William Carey’s departure for India in 1793 as launching the modern missionary movement. But most would acknowledge that more has been accomplished in global missions following World War II than in the previous 150 years.

Disaster, deliverance & dreams that come true

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Three women, bonded by tragedy, have found that even in the midst of disaster, God is at work in people’s lives.

Tanna Dawson Center new Gulf Stream Association ministry

PLANTATION (FBC)—Years ago, Al and Tanna Dawson planted an orchid in their yard in Fort Lauderdale as a memento of one of their trips to Hawaii to lead revival meetings. Over the years, the orchids have intertwined with oak tree branches, their long stems cascading blossoms to the ground.

United after the storm: Florida Baptists reach out

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–The unified purpose of Florida Baptists, readily seen in their commitment to the Cooperative Program and the mission and ministries of the Florida Baptist State Convention, is perhaps most clearly illustrated by their response in times of disaster.

Winter CROSS ROADS depicts Florida Baptists making a difference in lives

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–“I know God is in these plans. He touched their hearts to help people they didn’t even know.” That is the way one person, displaced by Hurricane Katrina, described the efforts by a Florida Baptist Sunday School class to help her family get re-settled in Jacksonville.

New Hungarian, Haitian & Hispanic churches among those getting October start

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 10 new churches in Oct. 2005.

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