November 9, 2006 Print Edition

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This week begins the Witness' coverage of the International Missions Emphasis for 2006. Dec. 3-10 Southern Baptists will focus on God's intention that every people group hear the Good News of His love and salvation in Jesus Christ. The national goal for this year's Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is $150 million-every penny of which will go to send missionaries and support their ministries. The International Mission Board relies on the Lottie Moon offering for 53 percent of its annual income.

Wal-Mart: 'gay-friendly' & proud of its track record

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-On its official website, Wal-Mart promotes its alliances with homosexual groups along with other minority groups on a webpage devoted to diversity.

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Point of View

During the past few weeks, I have shared with you some columns written by my friend Sumner Wemp as he recalls some of his witnessing experiences. They are great reminders of the opportunities we have to make eternal differences in lives of people we come in contact with every day. In a recent column he wrote:

Point of View

The security of ancient cities depended upon faithful watchmen who stood guard while the people slept. It was the watchman's role to sound the alarm if the enemy was approaching. The alarm was to avert disaster. If the watchman failed to sound the alarm, he was held responsible, but if he gave a warning and nobody responded, there was no blood on his hands.

Point of View

Whether you know it or not there are people keeping track of your numbers. No, it's not the number of times you started a diet this year or the number of sit-ups you've done this month. In fact, it is not your weight, cholesterol, or golf handicap. But three different credit bureaus track your credit history and that information is used to calculate and report your credit score.

Point of View

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, Russia "has lost the equivalent of a city of 700,000 people every year since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991." We're talking about the population of San Francisco or Baltimore-a grim reminder of how fruitless some worldviews can be.

Florida pastor's resignation sparks discussion of accreditation, verification of academic degrees

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-The resignation of a prominent Florida church's pastor over falsified education credentials is raising questions for many Southern Baptists about the importance of ministers receiving accredited theological degrees.

Haggard steps down; apologizes to church for 'betrayal'

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP)-Ted Haggard, pastor of a prominent Colorado church and president of the National Association of Evangelicals, has resigned his duties amid allegations of a homosexual affair.

Recordings of sermons, messages available after FBSC annual meeting

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Recordings of sermons and thematic messages delivered during the annual Florida Baptist State Convention, Nov. 13-14 at McGregor Baptist Church in Fort Myers, will be available for purchase during the two-day meeting in CD format.

BCF all-male chorale to tour Florida in November

GRACEVILLE (BCF)-Fourteen voices strong, the all male chorus boldly proclaims the mighty power of God while rehearsing in the R.G. Lee Chapel at The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: West Africa, a region in need

Could West Africa be won to Christ over a glass of sweet tea?

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