November 3, 2005 Print Edition

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Wilma demands quick relief response

POMPANO BEACH (FBW)–The federal and state governments joined forces following Hurricane Wilma to encourage Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers at First Baptist Church in Pompano Beach Oct. 27.

Aftershocks scare Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (BP)–Fear grips the mountainous peoples of Pakistan – not always a panicked fright, but usually a quiet, compliant dread.

Clearwater natives join NAMB missionaries with Florida ties

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (NAMB)—Eight missionaries with ties to Florida have been appointed by the North American Mission Board.

Bush nominates Samuel Alito to bench

WASHINGTON (BP)–President Bush nominated federal appeals court judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court Oct. 31, immediately pleasing social conservatives and eliciting vociferous opposition from abortion rights advocates and other liberals.

Point of View

Even before I started this series on the theology of presence, I wanted to put in perspective our responsibility in the midst of storms. Some people have an easier time handling natural disasters, mostly because they haven’t experienced many. But for those of us who have been through a few, the question being asked is “Can you attempt the impossible?”

Point of View

Peter Singer has seen the future, and it does not include the sanctity of life. To be more specific, Singer presents his argument about the future in a forum published in the September/October 2005 edition of Foreign Policy. The magazine asked a number of leading intellectuals to suggest what ideas, institutions and features of contemporary life will be left behind as human beings rush into a bold new future. As Peter Singer sees it, confidence in the sanctity of human life must be abandoned in order for humanity to be redefined in the new millennium.

Point of View

On Oct. 22, a special Fox News Channel program, which centered around the approach of Hurricane Wilma toward Florida’s southwestern coast, carried a broader segment entitled: “Natural Disasters Igniting Fears of the Apocalypse!” The question at issue was whether God was causing these catastrophes as a mechanism for pre-announcing the end of the age. It is not unusual for natural disasters to be referred to as Acts of God, but this program seemed to take the matter a little more seriously than most.

Point of View

The historical parallels between Kitzmiller v. Dover, the intelligent design case now being tried in Pennsylvania, and the “Scopes Monkey Trial” aren’t lost on the judge hearing the case: John Jones. Jones told the Philadelphia Inquirer last weekend that he “became a judge with the hope of having an opportunity to rule in matters of great importance.” That’s why he looked forward to hearing this case.

Twenty-one weeks of prayer thrust Harmony Association into revival

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Twenty-one weeks of prayer. Twenty-one churches. The Harmony Baptist Association has learned that doing the math can have eternal dividends in the kingdom of God.

UF campus minister uses ‘Later Growl’ to reach out

GAINESVILLE (FBC)—At the University of Florida (UF), the annual homecoming celebration is an opportunity for football, reconnecting with Gator roots and celebrating at Gator Growl, one of the largest student-run college pep rallies.

FBSC annual meeting recordings for sale

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Recordings of sermons and thematic messages delivered during the annual Florida Baptist State Convention, Nov. 14-15 at First Baptist Church Ocala, will be available for purchase during the two-day meeting in cassette, audio and video formats.

Hurricane Wilma roars through churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—The number of Florida Baptist churches severely or moderately damaged by Hurricane Wilma rose to 35 with another 13 churches reporting light to minimal damage by press time, Oct. 31.

Wilma destroys church sanctuary, not hope

BOYNTON BEACH (FBW)-A bag of used clothes left by the church’s front door after Hurricane Wilma roared through the southeast coast of Florida reminded Pastor Dennis Demarois of the community’s love for the church.

Damaged churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) — Preliminary reports from church officials and Florida Baptist Convention staff as of Oct. 27 are as follows:

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