November 25, 2004 Print Edition

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Bangalore physician shares health, faith

BANGALORE, India (IMB)—Ask people around Bangalore, India, what a Christian looks like and many would describe Dr. Rebekah Naylor, the Southern Baptist missionary surgeon who has labored at Bangalore Baptist Hospital for the past 30 years.

Wicker calls for 100,000 new baptisms

NAPLES (FBW)—Florida Baptists’ new leader has an “audacious, miraculous goal” for the state convention: 100,000 baptisms in 2005.

Hispanic Democrats hope party shifts toward pro-family stances

MIAMI (BP)—When President Bush received 9 percent more of the Hispanic vote this year than four years ago, some of those Hispanics were changing their vote over key social issues because they believe the Democratic Party has abandoned the views of its base in pursuit of an extremist agenda.

Point of View

John Roebling believed expanses were made to be crossed, and believed the most efficient way of getting from one side to the other was by bridge.

Point of View

I am still overwhelmed with joy and praise to God as I think of Southern Baptists giving $136.2 million to the 2003 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. It represents the largest dollar increase in the offering’s 115-year history. But more importantly, it enabled the International Mission Board to appoint more missionaries to impact a lost world with the Gospel.

Point of View

A ten-year-old girl visiting my home last Christmas was fascinated with my collection of nativity scenes. I was shocked to discover that even though she had seen nativity scenes, she’d never heard the true Christmas story! It’s 2004. We live in a supposedly “Christian” nation. I thought everyone knew about the manger and shepherds and the Christ. I was wrong.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

Scenes from Jacksonville

Photo Essay of various things from the 143rd Annual Meeting in Jacksonville.

150th Anniversary observance ends in Madison County

MADISON (FBC)-Commemorating the exact date and site where 17 missionary-minded men signed the Florida Baptist State Convention into existence, 170 Florida Baptists assembled in the piney woods of Madison County Nov. 20 for the final event observing the 150th anniversary of the State Conv-ention’s founding.

Winter Cross Roads features hurricane disaster relief efforts

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-In the winter edition of CROSS ROADS, A Heritage of Faith ... A Future of Hope, viewers will travel back in time to discover the rich history and heritage of Florida Baptists, meeting men and women who paved the way for stateside and overseas missions as well as women’s mission and ministry work.

JAG officer in Iraq thankful for family, church, relationship with Christ

As I look back on my first six weeks in this war zone, I believe that the Lord has changed me more than He has used me to minister to others. It’s similar to a foreign missions trip where we Americans often leave with the purest intentions of making a difference in the lives of others, only to realize that it is often we who are changed the most by the experience.

India’s young ‘Zippies’ want it all; what they need is Jesus

BANGALORE, India (IMB)—While his American corporate client sleeps many time zones away, Allen works 12, 14, sometimes 16 hours a day. Whatever it takes to get the job done—on time and on target.

What is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®?

What is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®?

Southern Baptist churches collect this offering for the sole purpose of supporting international missions. Every penny of the offering goes to support the International Mission Board’s overseas budget, thus supporting our missionaries.

Korean fellowship offers church software training

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Haitian, Korean, Filipino and Hispanic Fellowships conducted their annual meetings in Jacksonville in honor of the 150th anniversary celebration of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

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