November 18, 2004 Print Edition

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Florida Baptists celebrate 150th anniversary

JACKSONVILLE (FBC/FBW)—Florida Baptists celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Florida Baptist State Convention by baptizing five new converts from five ethnic groups during its 143rd annual meeting, Nov. 8-9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville and electing Naples pastor Hayes Wicker as president.

Broward County slots vote challenged

TALLAHASSEE (BP)– A pair of grassroots citizen groups have filed suit against the Broward County election canvassing board, asking that a judge order them to recount votes that swung a statewide election in favor of slot machines.

Lottie Moon Offering: Shall we gather at the river?

UJJAIN, India (IMB)—Dawn came almost unnoticed to the sacred river Shipra. Even the waking sun seemed overwhelmed by the scene unfolding at the water’s edge:

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Point of View

Since the election, the talking heads have been buzzing with speculation on what the Christian vote for Bush means and what we Christians believe we can now expect for our efforts. What are our demands? they ask. Well, as usual, they’ve got it backwards.

Point of View

God’s main purpose for our existence is to reflect the glory of Jesus Christ. God gave us life so that with our bodies and minds and hearts we might draw attention to Jesus and make him look as great as He really is. This purpose for our existence does not change at death. It is the purpose of our dying and the purpose of our living after death.

Point of View

When our son, Matthew, was a preschooler, he loved to go to Mission Friends on Wednesday evening at our church. Following prayer meeting one week, he came to his pastor’s office (who happened to be his father), proudly carrying a puzzle he had created.


Have fun with cryptography and exercise your Bible knowledge. A King James Version verse is encoded by letter substitution. The same letter is substituted throughout the puzzle. Solve by trial and error.

‘Celebrate His glory,’ Green urges Florida Baptists

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Like the once all-powerful Iraqi dictator Sadaam Hussein found last December by the U.S. military cowering in a spider hole and the high school basketball star who goes from “hero to zero” after his error loses the game, Tommy Green reminded Florida Baptists that while human glory is fading, “the glory of our Lord stands forever.”

State Board approves Brazilian partnerships, help for damaged churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—The State Board of Missions authorized the Florida Baptist Convention to create debt to help hurricane damaged churches and approved a partnership with the Brazilian Baptist Convention during the pre-Convention meeting Nov. 8 at the Radisson Riverwalk Hotel in Jacksonville.

Sullivan preaches on the glory of the resurrection

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Preaching from 1 Peter 1:5, John Sullivan, executive director–treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, proclaimed at the annual meeting of the state convention Nov. 8: “The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the power and motivation of my life.”

FBSC’s four agencies sign historical covenant affirming cooperation

JACKSONVILE (FBW)–In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Florida Baptist State Convention, the heads of the Convention’s four agencies signed a covenant affirming their allegiance to the state organization. In an era when agencies of other state conventions have sought independence, the Florida Baptist agencies re-stated they are “part and parcel of the convention,” said spokesman Thomas Kinchen, president of the Baptist College of Florida.

Speakers say heart of Gospel is to show God’s glory

JACKSONVILLE (FBW/FBC)–R. Albert Mohler Jr. was once a young boy who remembered well the alligators and mosquitos at Lake Yale, one of Florida Baptists’ campgrounds.

Traylor: Doctrine, dollars, demonstration are markers of unity

Jacksonville (FBW)—“It’s often said by Baptists, that there’s no telling what we could accomplish if we didn’t care who got the credit for it,” said Ted Traylor to begin his sermon to the annual meeting of the Florida Baptist State Convention in Jacksonville Nov. 9. “It would be better if the credit went not to a church or association, but to God.”

SBC president issues 6-point challenge to Florida Baptists

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)–Urging fellow Florida Baptists to support an evangelism effort which calls for reaching one million for Christ, Bobby Welch, pastor of First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach asked Florida Baptists to at least “try” to stand up and count for Christ.

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