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Jordan Baptists offer expansive ministry in Arab world

AMMAN, JORDAN (FBW)-With only about 3,000 members in 20 congregations in a nation of six million people roughly the size of the Indiana, Baptists in the nation of Jordan are a tiny Christian remnant living in an Islamic state occupying a strategic location in the heart of the Middle East-neighboring Israel to the west, Saudi Arabi to the south and east, Iraq to the east and Syria to the north.

Elders' prayers impact new generation of students

OKEECHOBEE (FBW)-Several women sit in a cluster, their heads bowed, their creased faces earnest as they plead with God to bless their families, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Years later, those prayers are being answered through First Indian Baptist Academy, said Betty Luckey, a teacher at the school.

Villagers in West African Mali starved for Bread of Life-Jesus

MALI, West Africa (IMB)-In a small Bambara village, light from a lantern cuts the dark of night. Tea is passed around. Village men have waited months for this conversation. Excitement is palpable. Occasionally, one or two other men join the growing circle-visible only when they come into the light. All know the importance of the night. They need more nights such as this one.

International Mission Board sets $290 million budget, adds 67 missionaries

ST. LOUIS (BP)ñTrustees of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board adopted a $288.9 million budget for 2007, appointed 67 new missionaries and heard a report of key results from mission work worldwide during their Oct. 30-Nov. 1 meeting in St. Louis.

East of the Jordan: The forgotten 'Holy Land'

AMMAN, JORDAN (FBW)-I'm not much for international travel, but one of the places I have always wanted to visit is the "Holy Land" to personally observe where my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ministered, as well as the prophets of the Old Testament and the apostles who built the New Testament church.

New churches find their geneses in pastors' burdens

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)-Establishing a new church requires planning, persistence and teamwork, according to Florida pastors who have undertaken the task. All parties agree, however, that only God could bring together circumstances and people to accomplish His purposes.

‘God's Man, God's Leader' conference features author

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-A "God's Man, God's Leader" men's conference series designed for men who hope to lead in their families, churches and communities will be offered in five churches in 2007. The conference, sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention's Men's Missions and Ministry Department, in cooperation with Florida Synergy, Inc., will feature noted author and speaker Steve Farrar.

Point of View

What a great joy to convene the Florida Baptist State Convention meeting on the Southwest Coast of our beautiful state.

Point of View

I love hypocrites.

Point of View

I misspoke in chapel at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently, and it's been torturing me. It was just one word, but that word was the very opposite of what I meant to say. I had some sort of brain freeze, and people have been most understanding, many saying that they knew what I meant, but it still drives me crazy. Odd to say, I'm now sort of happy it happened because it gives me a chance to figure out why it's bothered me so.

Point of View

If I were to ask you to name the most Baptist state, you would probably guess Georgia, Alabama, or somewhere else in the South.

Witness announces secretary opening

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Florida Baptist Witness is accepting applications for an entry-level position which will include general administration, telephone answering, mail processing and data entry.

Christian theology 101 takes root

MALI, West Africa (IMB)-Friday night comes to a West African village just outside Mali's capital city of Bamako. The sun sets. The women finish their chores. But for one woman, the day's work is far from over.

Kidnapped missionary's tale illustrates power of prayer

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)-Mendy Nantz was on the way to a funeral when it happened.

‘FarmDay’ reaches out to Fort Walton Beach

FORT WALTON BEACH (FBW)-Twenty-three years ago Bill Buckelew invited several families from his Sunday School class out to the farm for a potluck on hay bales.

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