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Florida Baptists bring comfort to Haiti after Tropical Storm Noel pounds

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Haitian Baptists are reeling from the widespread devastation caused by Tropical Storm Noel, many desperate for food and shelter, said Dennis Wilbanks, who traveled to the Caribbean country after the storm.

IMB records 600,000 baptisms overseas last year

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (BP)—God is moving in unprecedented ways around the world and Southern Baptists face the challenge of joining their missionaries in "whatever it takes" to make disciples of all peoples, International Mission Board trustees were told during their Nov. 6-7 meeting in Springfield, Ill.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

IZHEVSK, Russia (BP)—No father should have to bury a son.

Potential adversaries merge to reach abandoned

STUART (FBC)—Elderly diabetics barely existing without food or medicine. Uneducated mothers losing their infants to preventable deaths. Children starving because their foreign-born parents are unable to find work. Across Florida these hurting people live largely unseen and forgotten by their neighbors.

Point of View

In the late 1980s some of my favorite times were traveling the two-lanes of northeast Missouri in our Ford van to make it on time to our monthly associational hymn sings.

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If you are older than 40 the name Benjamin Spock is more than familiar. It was Spock that told an entire generation of parents to take it easy, don't discipline your children and allow them to express themselves. Discipline, he told us, would warp a child's fragile ego. Millions followed this guru of child development and he remained unchallenged among child rearing professionals. However, before his death Dr. Spock made an amazing discovery: He was wrong. In fact, he said:

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Point of View

In a recent issue of Scientific American, arch-Darwinist Richard Dawkins and physicist Lawrence Krauss discussed the relationship between science and religion.

2008 prayer emphasis utilizes leap year's extra day

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Florida Baptists are called to "connect on the journey" during the 2008 prayer emphasis "I-366."

Retired campus minister dies after long battle with cancer

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—William Robert, “Bill,” Stroup, Baptist campus minister in Jacksonville from 1972-2002, died Nov. 7 after an extended battle with cancer. He was 70.

Florida Baptist website now offers placement service for churches & ministers online

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—A new online resume placement system for ministers searching for a place to serve and churches seeking a minister is now available through the Florida Baptist Convention website,

LifeWay adapts strategy for Salt Lake mission field

SALT LAKE CITY (LCR)—The sun peeks over the Rockies and rushes across the valley floor until it strikes the golden statue of the angel Moroni, fixed high atop Salt Lake Temple’s towering eastern spire. The brilliant light flashes off his trumpet, raised to the ready, waiting to herald the arrival of a kingdom yet to come.

The Bible vs. Mormon Beliefs

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—What the Bible says about Jesus vs. what Mormonism says about Jesus:

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