November 1, 2007 Print Edition

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Florida associations celebrate anniversaries: Santa Rosa association commemorates 100 years

MUNSON (FBW)—Braving heavy rains and flooding Oct. 18, pastors and members of Santa Rosa Baptist Association churches commemorated 100 years of cooperation in a day-long celebration which began at rural Pleasant Home Baptist Church in Munson.

Battle Ready pastors aggressive in evangelistic efforts

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—In five meetings held across the state, Florida pastors came together to discuss effective evangelism strategies and share their evangelistic experiences in roundtable discussions.

CALIFORNIA FIRES: Southern Baptist relief work needs heavy equipment

FRESNO, Calif. (BP)—While Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams continue preparing 20,000 meals in two locations in Southern California, the relief chief for California Southern Baptists calls for equipment to help with clean-up efforts.

Point of View

In an "I'm OK, you're OK" world, any mention of a crucified-for-our-sins, raised-from-the-dead Jesus can't be anything but offensive.

Point of View

She steps onto her eighth-floor apartment balcony in the morning, as she often does, to watch her neighbors on balconies nearby.

93-year-old music director trains future

SUWANNEE (FBW)—Elouise Ramsey, music director and pianist at Suwannee Baptist Church, has invested a lifetime in not only preparing music for churches, but also in nurturing other generations of musicians. The 93-year-old currently is preparing the 20-member Suwannee church choir for its Christmas cantata performance Dec. 9.

'Excellent wife' focus of Nov. 13 luncheon

DAYTONA BEACH (FBC)—Five Florida Baptist minister's wives will speak and the Clyde Maguire Minister's Wife Award will be presented during the Ministers' Wives Luncheon Nov. 13 in Daytona Beach.

Disparity of living conditions in South Africa

Shacks small enough to fit comfortably inside the average American kitchen offer little to no protection from the elements in townships and squatter camps surrounding Cape Town, South Africa.

AIDS IN AFRICA: Journeyman follows motto, 'Decide to decide right'

HARTSWATER, South Africa (BP)—Lyndee Joe opens a bag of doughnut-like pastries and asks: "Who wants a Fat Cake?" All the Tswana middle school students raise their hands.

ELECTION 08: GOP candidates debate who's the most conservative in presidential field

ORLANDO (BP)—With the field whittled down to eight, the leading Republican presidential candidates tried Oct. 21 to get an edge by debating which of them was more conservative.

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