October 6, 2005 Print Edition

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Halifax launches SBC’s nationwide baptism rallies

DAYTONA BEACH (BP)–Twenty-two people from 12 churches in the Halifax Baptist Association, took the baptismal plunge in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday evening, October 1, marking the first baptisms of what Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch hopes will be 1 million converts and baptisms within the next 12 months.

Florida Baptist Disaster Relief ongoing in Gulf region

LAKE CHARLES, La. (FBC)–Since Sept. 25, Florida Baptist disaster relief feeding volunteers have prepared and served 80,000 hot meals to victims in Hurricane Rita-battered Lake Charles, La.

Q&A with Thom Rainer, president-elect of LifeWay Christian Resources

MARIANNA (FBW) – Four days after his unanimous election as the ninth president of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, Thom Rainer gave an hour-long interview to Florida Baptist Witness Executive Editor James A. Smith Sr. Sept. 16 at Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center in Marianna where Rainer was speaking to a Sunday School conference.

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Several times a day I’m getting e-mails from people informing me their church is ready and willing to come to New Orleans to help a church rebuild.

Churches vow to adopt damaged churches

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–More than 1,200 Southern Baptist churches have committed to help SBC churches in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The Adopt A Church partnership was initiated by the North American Mission Board the week after the hurricane destroyed thousands of homes and business along the Gulf Coast including hundreds of SBC churches.

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes exceeds $1.2 million Mother’s Day offering

LAKELAND (FBW)–The Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, for the first time in five years, met its annual Mother’s Day Offering goal this year of $1.2 million, and exceeded it by $135,000. According to a statement by FBCH president Jimmy McAdams to Florida Baptist Witness, 1,372 churches promoted and received a Mother’s Day Offering for the Homes or gave to the ministry through Vacation Bible School offerings.

Former homosexual urges churches to responsibly minister to those struggling with same-sex attractio

HOMESTEAD (FBW)–Trapped in an elevator with an inquisitive older woman who wanted to know to which non-profit office he was heading, Tim Wilkins had no choice but to tell her the ministry he worked with helped former homosexuals to find healing through Jesus Christ.

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“How important is the theology of presence during the storm?” This is the first of a series on this question.

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Cities do not last. Those built in precarious places collapse. The rest are doomed to decay or suffer humanly induced destruction.” That is the assessment of historian Felipe Fernandez Arnesto. He spoke those words with reference to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but his historical judgment would well apply to Nineveh, Tyre, Babylon and a host of cities long ago covered with dust.

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RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–One of the first fatalities of Hurricane Katrina was the myth of American invincibility.

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While politicians in Louisiana and the nation’s capital continue their nauseating blame-game over Hurricane Katrina, Christians around the country are in the nitty-gritty details of compassionate action. Pastor Mo Leverett of New Orleans is among them. He and his family made it out with just the clothes on their backs, but immediately turned their attention to helping others get basic supplies and shelter.

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In How Life Imitates the World Series, Dave Boswell tells a story about Earl Weaver, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Weaver had a rule that no one could steal a base unless given the steal sign. This upset star Reggie Jackson because he felt he knew the pitchers and catchers well enough to judge who he could and could not steal off of. So one game he decided to steal without a sign. He got a good jump off the pitcher and easily beat the throw to second base. As he shook the dirt off his uniform, Jackson smiled with delight, feeling he had vindicated his judgment.

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All of us would like to be in churches where God is pouring himself out in amazing ways. And surely God wants to do just that! So the issue is not one of desire. It may well be one of usability.

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