October 5, 2006 Print Edition

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'Joshua Convergence' affirms SBC Conservative Resurgence at Orlando meeting

WINTER PARK (FBW)-Declaring their intention to "give voice to younger leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention" who support the SBC's Conservative Resurgence and its emphasis on biblical inerrancy, over 40 pastors and seminary professors met just outside Orlando Sept. 25 for the first of a two-day meeting dubbed "The Joshua Convergence."

Joshua Convergence launches Internet site; discusses future

WINTER PARK (FBW)-Participants in "The Joshua Convergence" met for two hours Sept. 26 at Aloma Baptist Church in Winter Park, to talk about their reasons for meeting, plans for the future and what they hope to accomplish through a new website developed to help connect them with others.

Seek welfare of the city, impact urban community

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-"Shattered lives, shattered homes and shattered facilities, in the state of its schools, fatherless families and economic disparities," illustrate today's inner city.

SYATP draws students to prayer at school flagpoles

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Thousands of Florida students gathered at their schools' flag poles Sept. 27 to pray in the annual See You At The Pole observance. From masses of students that represented majorities of the schools' student bodies, to handfuls of dedicated students, to lone pray-ers, teenagers at the gatherings interceded for their schools and their fellow students.

Point of View

I just returned from one of the best and most productive mission trips it has been my joy to take. In an earlier article, I told how the Maguire State Mission Offering greatly assisted our work in Haiti, one of our partnership countries. That is an understatement. The Maguire Offering has allowed us to set up an umbrella organization, the Confraternité Missionnaire Baptiste d'Haiti (CMBH), to provide leadership to the Haitian churches focusing on evangelism, starting new churches and developing leaders. Without the offering, we would not be able to financially accomplish our work.

Point of View

On October 1, Jewish people throughout Florida observed the most solemn holiday on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). At sundown, observant Jews gathered in the synagogue, fasted, donned white clothing and cloth shoes, and prayed ancient prayers from the Machzor (holiday prayer book) pleading for God to forgive their sins and inscribe them in the "Book of Life." Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) is a festive occasion observed September 23 ushering in the year 5767 on the Jewish calendar, but Yom Kippur is a far more serious day for Jewish people and is observed with introspection and repentance.

Point of View

Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts can be traced to 1967, when a small group of Texas volunteers served hot food cooked on small "buddy burners" to victims of Hurricane Beulah.

Point of View

Frances Mason died a few days ago.

Point of View

If he knew, John Knox, the great Scottish cleric, would be turning over in his grave.

Principles of Affirmation

"The purpose of the Joshua Convergence is to give a voice to younger leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention who are strongly committed to biblical inerrancy, who support the goals and leadership of the conservative resurgence, and who unashamedly embrace biblical standards of separation and morality, in order that the Southern Baptist Convention might continue to hold to the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture in the future and the nations might be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Based on this purpose, we affirm the following principles:

Student missions opportunity

MARIANNA (FBC)-Children in Action across the state of Florida will join for an action-packed missions event, Xtreme Mission, Nov. 4 at Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center in Marianna.

San Diego designated as SBC's newest Strategic Focus City

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)-The North American Mission Board has named San Diego as the next Strategic Focus City-an initiative that will bring additional Southern Baptist attention, volunteers and resources in an all-out effort to share the Gospel of Christ with metro San Diego's 3 million residents.

Annie offering sets new record

RIDGECREST, N.C. (BP)-Southern Baptist giving to the 2006 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions has been so generous that the offering has set a new record with three months still remaining in the giving period.

LifeWay reports strong ministry, business in 2006

GLORIETA, N.M. (BP)-LifeWay Christian Resources reported strong ministry and business results in fiscal 2006, with the retail and church resources divisions leading the way. In addition, the Holman Christian Standard Bible continued to grow in popularity, while more than 5,200 decisions for Christ were recorded at LifeWay's conference centers at Ridgecrest, N.C., and Glorieta, N.M.

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