October 28, 2004 Print Edition

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Greer rejects religious argument in Schiavo case; issues emergency stay to allow parents to appeal b

CLEARWATER (FBW)-Terri Schiavo supporters got a double whammy last week when the judiciary on two fronts turned down requests for rehearings in the case of the 40-year old disabled woman.

iVote Values brings information to Florida voters

ORLANDO (FBW)-Ten-year-old Tyece Foster did a little dance in front of a computer screen Oct. 17. Glancing at her father, James, the young member of First Baptist Church, Orlando, laughed in delight when the flashing monitor in front of her confirmed she knew enough civics trivia to earn her flying colors.

Orlando pastor asks, answers: ‘Why would Jesus vote?’

ORLANDO (FBW)-In wrapping up a 4-part sermon series “Why would Jesus vote?” Jim Henry, pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando, poised another question Oct. 24, “How would Jesus Vote?”

Castor vs. Martinez Senate race gains Dobson’s attention

JACKSONVILLE (FBW) – Popular Christian radio talk show host James Dobson has entered the political fray of the too-close-to-call race for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat – joining the presidential contest as the only other statewide race on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Bush attorney returns to Florida roots, urges cultural engagement in Schiavo case

GRACEVILLE (BCF)—Ken Connor, a former Florida trial attorney, told students at the Baptist College of Florida Oct. 18 that Americans have rejected the foundation of “the Great American Experiment,” and have given into to a new cultural order.

Point of View

Over the last 20 years, evangelical Christians have been politically mobilized in an outpouring of moral concern and political engagement unprecedented since the crusade against slavery in the 19th century. With the 2004 presidential campaign now underway, the issue of political involvement emerges anew with urgency.

Point of View

Religion and politics. It’s not difficult to get a conversation going about either and some people say you’d be wise to avoid them both to prevent an argument. Wise advice, but since it is the political season, and since I’ve already broached the topic, let me ask you a few questions.

Point of View

All of the media buzz has been about who won, who didn’t, and who scored points in the three presidential debates. After the first, Kerry had momentum, so said the press. After the third, Bush had it. Why such a fuss over the debates? We’re not electing a debater-in-chief. We’re electing a president and commander-in-chief. The candidate who is best qualified is not necessarily the best performer. He’s the one with the best record and disposition—regardless of debating skills.

UNF student heeds call to summer missions in Colombia

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Standing at the Orlando International Airport, two bulging bags at her feet, Cara Clark’s year of preparation and planning was about to culminate with a flight to Barranquilla, Colombia. The call to missions that took her there had come loud and clear almost a year prior when she felt God nudging her to participate in a summer mission trip overseas.

Kerry notes support of homosexual public policy agenda in wide-ranging interview with leading pro-ho

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—In an interview with the nation’s largest homosexual magazine just weeks before the election, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry leaves open the possibility that he will change his position on same-sex “marriage” and says he will nominate judges who will fight for homosexual causes.

Bible is ‘objective, propositional tool’ for voting; believers should engage political process, lead

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—Christians must work to uphold God’s standards, not withdraw from the civic arena, said Southern Baptist theologian Russell D. Moore.

BREAKPOINT: Imperfect people: Voting and the Christian

I have huge respect for Dr. Mark Noll. He’s a first-rate scholar, thinker, and historian. His book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, written ten years ago, remains a tough-minded challenge to develop a Christian worldview.

Post-hurricane relief shifts from meals to recovery

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)--After more than two months of operation, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief meal preparations for hurricane victims in the eastern United States will shut down by the end of October, but long-term recovery and rebuild efforts remain, according to officials coordinating the unprecedented national response.

NOBTS adopts sole membership, will voice reservations

NEW ORLEANS (SBT) –Last June, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting sent a mandate to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: Legally specify the SBC as “sole member” owner of the school in a form the SBC Executive Committee will approve and recommend to the convention.

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