October 27, 2005 Print Edition

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Disaster relief teams mobilize after Wilma’s march through South Florida

UPDATED: October 25, 3:15 p.m.

JACKSONVILLE (FBC/FBW)—Even as Hurricane Wilma with sustained winds of 125 mph ripped northeast along the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula on Monday, Oct. 24, Florida Baptist disaster relief teams were being mobilized to the affected area. The storm was Florida’s eighth hurricane in 15 months.

Pre-convention evangelistic events to permeate Ocala communities with Gospel

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)–Winning the spiritually lost to Christ through prayer and witnessing will be the focus of the “Celebrate Jesus Project” planned for the Ocala regional area prior to the Florida Baptist State Convention meeting in November.

Social conservatives continue to push marriage amendments

AUSTIN, Texas (BP)–The nationwide movement to ban “gay marriage” moves to Texas in November, when voters there decide whether to amend their constitution to protect the natural definition of marriage.

American Girl bracelet benefits pro-choice group

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The popular American Girl doll and book series has entertained millions of young girls through the years, but could one of its products actually be benefiting an organization supportive of abortion rights and homosexual causes?

Point of View

When disaster happens, it consumes. It is in the midst of the storm that one thinks and lives the disaster. Soon, “what ifs” fade and die. Reality sets in, assessment takes place, resources are calculated, and the hard work of recovery begins.

Point of View

Gary Inrig wrote a wonderful book entitled Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay (Moody Press, 1979) which was a detailed study of the book of Judges. One of the issues he quickly raised in the book was what he called “The Second Generation Syndrome.” In that early chapter of his book he discussed the difficulty of passing on our vision and convictions to our children and grandchildren. It is a daunting and challenging task for any parent, and it is rare for the faith of parents to be handed down to succeeding generations.

Point of View

Last month I asked “Where God is in the midst of tragedies?” This month I will address “What should we do when tragedy strikes?” How should we respond, in the midst of tragedy such as death, loss, financial or marriage crises?

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It was a week of unexpected and unplanned interruptions. The cell phone chirped constantly, the frantic hands on the front of the household clocks seemed to take on a life of their own and the list of things to get done kept growing longer—not shorter.

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In August, law enforcement officials foiled a Jihadist plot to attack a synagogue and military recruitment center in Los Angeles.

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UPDATED: November 3

It’s that time of year; holidays followed by tax time. Did you know that nearly 94 percent of us wait until the 11th hour to prepare our tax return and ante up what we owe to Uncle Sam? Perhaps the following tax tips will help you be among the 6 percent who are not caught unprepared.

Idlewild dedicates new home

Idlewild Baptist Church members dedicated on Oct. 22 its 440,000-square-foot worship and educational facility located on 143 acres in Lutz.

SOS congregation launches forward to reach ‘non-traditionals’

CRESCENT BEACH (FBC)­–Wearing jeans, sandals and his long hair tied neatly into a ponytail, Bryan Denmon looks more like one of the twelve disciples than he does the average Florida Baptist pastor.

Hispanic churches join FBC

According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention’s Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started 18 new churches in Sept. 2005.

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