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Bush thanks Southern Baptists for prayer in meeting with Page, Chapman at White House

WASHINGTON (BP)-Prayer was the topic of conversation when the president of the Southern Baptist Convention met with the president of the United States Oct. 11.

NAMB presidential search has 'select list, not short list'

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)-Trustees of the North American Mission Board approved 60 new missionaries, endorsed 38 Southern Baptist chaplains and heard a report from their presidential search committee during their Oct. 4 meeting at the board's Atlanta-area offices.

Baptist church in Amish country opens new worship center

WRIGHTSDALE, Pa. (BP)-A Baptist church in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country moved ahead with celebrating the start of construction of a new worship center Oct. 9-sobered, however, by the murder of five young Amish girls in a one-room school 21 miles away.

Point of View

Science is amazing! It has given us a new medical vocabulary-transplants, gene splicing, bionics, DNA-to name but a few. It has given us great medical breakthroughs and consequently life extensions. When I was growing up in the coal camps of West Virginia, I can remember only one man who reached 65 years of age and was able to retire. Life expectancy has increased in direct relationship to scientific discovery.

Point of View

Former Illinois governor George Ryan received last month a sentence of 6.5 years in prison for racketeering, lying to the FBI, and mail fraud. But there's much more to that story.

Point of View

Most everything has a downside. While oversized SUVs provide comfort and a measure of safety, they only get a few miles per gallon of gas. The convenience of a backyard pool is offset by perpetual daily maintenance. Flying maybe the quickest and most efficient way to travel but it comes with delays, probing security checks and overpriced food.

Point of View

These days, we are bombarded with information on what to eat and what not to eat from television, newspapers, the Internet, our doctors, mom and other "experts."

Point of View

My wife and I are expecting our fourth child in March. Friends often will ask, "How much longer till you can find out if it is a boy or a girl?" They know I'm hoping for my first daughter, while my wife would like a fourth boy. They know we'll be thrilled either way. No one has yet asked me, "How much longer till you find out if he'll have heart disease or pancreatic cancer or Alzheimer's disease?" These days will be soon upon us as genetic technology is giving us the ability to turn every child into a Mr. Potato Head toy, assembling the parts to get the desired outcome.

Point of View

Imagine an American president addressing the United Nations and concluding his remarks by praying that God would hasten Christ's return and unleash the apocalypse. What do you suppose public opinion would be?

Retired sheriff's officer now law enforcement chaplain

BARTOW (FBW)-In almost 20 years of law enforcement, Marvin Pittman has had several difficult days, but seldom are they concentrated in one week. During the first few days of October Pittman participated in funerals for two young sheriff's deputies in two Florida cities.

Florida Baptist Children's Homes Mother's Day Offering exceeds $1.3 million goal for 2006

LAKELAND (FBCH)-As of October 10, gifts to the annual Mother's Day Offering for the Florida Baptist Children's Homes totalled $1,315,927, exceeding the 2006 goal of $1.3 million.

About chaplains

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (NAMB)-Chaplaincy is an expression of ministry that places chaplains inside various settings, which include hospitals, corporations, prisons, public safety agencies, and the military services. As such, chaplaincy is an extension of the local church reaching into our diverse and multi-cultural society providing spiritual care to people. Chaplains perform the roles of pastor, teacher, evangelist, counselor, and administrator as they represent the church and the denomination from "inside" the using agency.

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