October 13, 2005 Print Edition

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Florida workers interact with storm survivors

LAKE CHARLES, La. (FBW)–“And just why did ya’ll come all the way from Florida to do this?” asked Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Jackie Vitatoe as she arrived in the early morning Oct. 7 to begin a 12-hour shift providing security for the Florida Baptist/ Salvation Army feeding unit in Lake Charles, La.

Southern Baptist CP giving tops budget by $12.5M

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-–Cooperative Program giving for national causes in 2004-05 finished above giving for the previous year, the 11th rise in 12 years. Receipts totaled $195,948,422.55, an increase of $6,083,167.70, or 3.20 percent over the 2003-04 amount of $189,865,254.85.

Quake in Pakistan: Aid concentrated on remote regions

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--As the confirmed death toll topped 20,000 in remote towns and villages flattened by the worst earthquake in Pakistan’s history, Southern Baptist workers in South Asia moved quickly to find ways to help survivors.

Point of View

A few years ago, the parents of our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, moved from their home in Baton Rouge, La., to Stuttgart, Ark. Although Louisiana had been their home for many years, their health had started to decline and they wanted to be near one of their children. It was not an easy move. So Jennifer decided to fly to Little Rock, meet her sister-in-law at the airport and surprise her mother. After her sister-in-law manipulated and massaged the truth to sneak Jennifer in town, her mother arrived at the airport in tow. When she saw Jennifer she was delighted of course, but asked, “Jennifer, what are you doing here?” A simple answer was given, “To be with you.”

Point of View

Unfortunately those desperate to grab the camera’s eye politicized the weather itself in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, shrieking that whatever went wrong could be traced back to the White House.

Point of View

Our decisions regarding upcoming biotechnology issues like stem-cell research and human cloning will do more to shape our future than any other decisions we could make.

Point of View

Joe was excited. It was the first day on his new job and he would soon drive all over town delivering products for the company. His excitement grew as his new boss informed him his annual salary would be $50,000. “Fifty thousand,” Joe thought, “What will I do with all that money?” Little did Joe realize the answer would soon be painfully clear.

Point of View

On Sept. 23, 2005, President Bush signed legislation that lifts the 50 percent of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limitation on charitable deductions for 2005 federal income taxes. For gifts of cash made to a public charity between Aug. 28 and Dec. 31, 2005, the deduction limit is raised to 100 percent. Churches and ministries affiliated with the Florida Baptist State Convention are public charities.

Popcorn, teddy bears open hearts in Gulf Coast

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)–A young father walked into a large open-air tent in front of First Baptist Church in Slidell, La., heading straight to the bags of popcorn. A wistful look in his eyes, the man stared at the treat as Joy Campbell, a Disaster Relief volunteer from First Baptist Church in Daytona hurried over.

College students learn to maximize wattage for Christ

BRANDON (FBC)—Abandoning all fears of rejection and feelings of inadequacy, 134 college-aged Christian believers attending a “SoulPassion” conference at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon hit neighborhood streets and college campuses ready to share the Gospel with the spiritually lost Sept. 23-24.

Jordan’s Amman Baptist School student wins top world honors

AMMAN, Jordan (FBW)-Yazan Kahtan Haddadin, a student at The Amman Baptist School in Jordan, was recently recognized by Jordan’s Queen Rania as one of the most outstanding young scholars in the world for his academic achievements.

Tsunami survivors still need help – and hope

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (BP)–The tsunami that roared ashore last Dec. 26 invaded the lives of millions of south Asians – stealing loved ones, scarring hearts, destroying homes and communities.

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