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CP giving reaches record $200 million

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-It has a worldwide impact, stretching from Southern Baptist churches in all 50 states to mission fields across the globe, connecting church members with missionaries in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Siberian leadership conferences prompt reality check for Floridians

SIBERIA (FBW)-From the balmy beaches of Pensacola, a team of ministers from Hillcrest Baptist Church recently traveled to the chilly grasslands of Siberia to lead historic leadership conferences for area pastors and their wives. The Floridians found fellow pastors who share similar joys and struggles in their ministries, but in different contexts.

Gallagher new spokesperson for Florida4Marriage.org

The Florida Coalition to Protect Marriage (Florida4Marriage.org) announced Gallagher's decision to continue in her support of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment which calls for an amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage exclusively as the "legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife."

Bobby Welch's challenge sparks change

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-A new church year began Oct. 1, and with that came the official close of the "'Everyone Can!' Kingdom Challenge" for evangelism set forth by Bobby Welch, immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Welch had urged individuals, churches and associations to join forces to witness to, win and baptize 1 million people during one church year.

Discipleship costly, Fish tells NAMB missionaries

DULUTH, Ga. (BP)-Roy Fish challenged 89 newly commissioned North American missionaries and chaplains to "pay the price of radical discipleship" during a commissioning service Oct. 1 at First Baptist Church in Duluth, Ga.

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Point of View

This continues a series of articles written by my friend Sumner Wemp. I am reprinting them because I could not have said it better. I hope they bless you as much as they do me.

Point of View

As a child, "Salaam" loved to visit his grandfather, a devout and respected Muslim sheik, in the great man's study.

Point of View

Like many homosexuals, Rosie O'Donnell is ticked off at Christians for refusing to condone her sexual deviancy. In Rosie's mind, anyone refusing to pass out permission slips to the sexually promiscuous is a hatemonger wishing ill upon the practitioners of sexual perversion. Far from seeing Christian condemnation of her sexual immorality as a warning generated by genuine concern for her and her soul, Rosie sees Christians who disagree with her and disapprove of her "alternative lifestyle" as a bunch of hate speech-spewing, hate crimes-scheming hatemongers.

Point of View

Most unknown playwrights have difficulty raising money to put on a show. But most don't go so far as putting up their own kidney for collateral on a loan. But a man named Jung Sung-San-a defector from North Korea-did just that.

Nelson, other senators kill Senate vote on abortion-notification bill

WASHINGTON (BP)-The Senate failed Sept. 29 to approve a bill to outlaw interstate abortions on minors without parental notice when eight Democrats switched positions to support their party leadership's obstruction of the measure.

New Orleans Seminary preview weekend Oct. 26-28

NEW ORLEANS (NOBTS)-The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary student enlistment office will sponsor a Preview Weekend for prospective seminary students October 26-28, 2006 (Thursday-Saturday).

Vandals attack First Baptist Church in Panama City

PANAMA CITY BEACH (FBW)-In what Pastor Jerry Weaver told Florida Baptist Witness was the worst church break-in he had ever seen, First Baptist Church of Panama City Beach was vandalized Oct. 2. In the late night break-in, every locked door in four church buildings was kicked in, and furniture and interiors damaged by marauders.

Aloma Baptist pastor Anthony George prays before Congress

Anthony George, pastor of Aloma Baptist Church in Winter Park, was invited by United States Congressman Ric Keller (R-Fla.) to pray before Congress Sept. 27. Keller called George a "humble country preacher from Mississippi" and recognized him for his church's work after Katrina and his leadership in Central Florida.

Ministers' Wives seek nominations for Clyde Merrill Maguire Award

FORT MYERS (FBC)-Officers of the Florida Baptist Ministers' Wives Conference are seeking nominations for the Maguire Minister's Wife Award to present during its annual gathering, Nov. 14 in Fort Myers.

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