January 24, 2008 Print Edition

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Miami Baptists announce opposition to slots referendum

MIAMI (FBW)—The Miami Baptist Association's Administrative Committee voted unanimously Jan. 15 to urge Southern Baptists to vote against the expansion of gambling in Miami-Dade County Jan. 29 when a referendum will be on the ballot to permit slot machines at the county's pari-mutuel facilities.

Florida Marriage Amendment in danger of missing 2008

ORLANDO (FBW)—John Stemberger, state chairman of Florida4Marriage.org, Jan. 14 declared a state of "constitutional emergency" when he learned about 22,000 petitions are still needed by Feb. 1 to place the Florida Marriage Amendment on the ballot for 2008.

Jefferson County says 'no' to horsetrack

MONTICELLO (FBW)—As the hands on the clock swept past twelve over six times in the dignified courtroom of the Monticello Courthouse in Jefferson County, a gold state seal on the wall reminded: "In God We Trust." It was the day the residents of tiny Lloyd took on high stakes lawyers for big time gaming interests. And won.

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Point of View

This is the beginning of a series of articles on missions and more specifically, the Cooperative Program. Education is greatly needed concerning the great mission advance strategy of Southern Baptists called the Cooperative Program. However, before I launch into those articles, let me share some thoughts about missions.

Point of View

As many in our nation contemplate the daily revelations coming from the world of professional sports regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs, I am reminded that any short-cut one takes to attain growth may compromise integrity.

Point of View

There they go again. Sunday's New York Times featured yet another installment in its continuing saga about the "evangelical crackup." Like previous reports, it was a case, not of news, but of wishful thinking.

Southwestern president responds to victims' rights group criticism

FORT WORTH (SBT)—An activist organization that describes itself as a "group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures" has once again made headlines by attempting to tie allegations of abuse by a non-Southern Baptist pastor to what they describe as a Southern Baptist entity leader's "blind-eyed response to clergy sex abuse" 16 years ago.

Jefferson County community models 'informed' citizenship

MONTICELLO (FBW)—After Jefferson County Commissioners voted 4-1 in the early hours of the morning Jan. 18 to reject a proposed race track and card room on I-10 in Lloyd, Florida Baptist Convention's legislative consultant Bill Bunkley said he believes the story of Jefferson County is a good example of what happens when citizens become informed and engage in the governmental process to maintain community standards.

How to decide on a presidential candidate

ORLANDO (FBW)—Think you've got it all figured out, huh?

ANALYSIS: Questions linger after S.C. vote

TIGERVILLE, S.C. (BP)—The North Greenville University campus was abuzz in anticipation of hearing Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

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