January 20, 2005 Print Edition

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‘Church dispersed’ for JAX Super Bowl

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-On a day when three-quarters of a billion world-wide will be glued to their television watching Super Bowl XXXIX, hordes of Southern Baptists will take to the streets in Jacksonville to insure that everything goes like clockwork.

IMB’s Asia tsunami relief gifts surpass $2.7 mil

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--Children have clean clothes and families have shelter. The sick have medicine and the hungry have food. The thirsty have water -- and the hopeless are hearing about Jesus. All because of your gifts.

Guest Editorial

It is why airline passengers are relieved to see a pilot at the controls when the cockpit door is opened for a brief moment in flight; it is why you don’t take your hands off your vehicle’s steering wheel when you are on the expressway; and it is why a gardener keeps a firm grip on a rototiller– inevitably something is going to try to push you off course.

Letters to the Editor

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Point of View

The church finds its scope of work in the will of God. Whatever the Lord says for His church to do must be done. These actions become the functions of the church, which always are consistent with the divine nature of the church.

Point of View

Want a practical New Year’s resolution? Begin the New Year with a review of your financial goals. Here are some practical tips:

Point of View

Antony Flew, the 81-year-old British philosophy professor who taught at Oxford and other leading universities, became an atheist at age 15. Throughout his long career he argued—including in debates with an atheist-turned—Christian named C. S. Lewis—that there was a “presumption of atheism,” that is, the existence of a creator could not be proved.

Florida Acteens, GA camp renamed ‘Camp WorldLight’

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—To broaden its appeal to girls and young women, Florida Baptist Girls in Action (GA) and Acteens camp is getting a new name but keeping the same quality mission focus that has been its hallmark.

Women’s retreat topics ‘relevant’ and ‘God-driven’

MIAMI (FBC)—Jessica Rogers, 28, nearly wrecked her car on the way to the Women’s Winter Gathering held at Wayside Baptist Church in Miami, Jan. 8.

Florida high court rejects parental notice challenge

TALLAHASSEE (FBW) – The Florida Supreme Court rejected a motion Jan. 13 filed by pro-abortion organizations seeking the high court’s review of an earlier ruling which allowed a parental notice amendment to remain on the November ballot. Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure – Amendment 1 – which permits the Florida Legislature to write legislation requiring girls to notify one parent before they have an abortion.

Supreme Court lets stand Fla. ban on homosexual adoption

WASHINGTON (BP)--In a victory for pro-family groups, the U.S. Supreme Court refused Jan. 10 to hear a challenge to Florida's ban on homosexual adoption.

Skydiving option for men's retreat sponsored by Orange Park church

ORANGE PARK (FBW) - A “Wild At Heart” themed men’s retreat at Horn’s Creek Resort in Ocoee, Tenn., is scheduled March 17-20.

Testimonies & balloons; planning a Super Bowl party at church, home

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-With the motto, “You can’t share Jesus too many times. And you can’t have too many balloons,” Tim Knopps teaches Christians to plan and to enjoy an eternally productive Super Bowl watch party.

It's OK to talk about Jesus

The Jacksonville Super Bowl is providing Southern Baptists with a unique opportunity to talk about Jesus. That may sound strange to some people, but trust me, what’s taking place that first week of February is going to be evangelistically spectacular. And it’s not too late for you to take part in the excitement. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Jennings or Jensen Beach, try one of these techniques and see how many times you can present the Gospel the 10 days before the big game. Just remember, “It’s OK to share”.

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