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Longtime director of education at FBC JAX, Guinell Freeman, dies

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)-Guinell Freeman, retired director of education at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, died Dec. 19. She served First Baptist Church 45 years, retiring in June 1999.

Also in 1999, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, honored her as a “distinguished alumni.” She served as adjunct professor at her alma mater, and emphasized “using Sunday School effectively,” according to a 1999 SWBTS news release.

Editorial: Santorum’s courage is worthy of endorsement

This is not an endorsement of Rick Santorum. But when a presidential candidate takes a courageous stand for biblical standards of morality, he or she deserves praise.

Bunkley says killing ‘mega casinos’ bill ‘number one priority’

TALLAHASSEE (FBW)—Although Bill Bunkley will be tracking as many as 500 bills during the new legislative session, killing a bill allowing “mega casinos” in Florida will be his “number one priority,” he told Florida Baptist Witness surveying legislation to be considered during the 60-day session that began Jan. 10.

Bunkley also provided an update on the new organization he and Florida Baptist pastors are starting, Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, to support his work in Tallahassee.

Jacksonville family trades dream home to start church in North Carolina

JACKSONVILLE (NAMB)—T.J. Ward, a 37-year-old church planting pastor in Winston-Salem, N.C., hasn’t had a paycheck since leaving his old church in Jacksonville, in December 2009, although he began to receive a salary from New Church this month.

Over the past 18 months, he and wife, Wendy—and their two little girls—have lived only on her Bank of America salary. They traded their dream home in Jacksonville for a “starter” home in Winston-Salem.

Point of View: ‘God’s Love First’

In the throng of great men, five-thousand strong, we sang, with many weeping; but in that sacred chorus, my heart stood still, like sleeping. “What’s wrong?” I thought. “What’s wrong?” I prayed. “Why does my heart hang heavy… with dull lethargy, apathy? O, dear God, what’s wrong with me? Am I a faker in this singing sea?”

Point of View: An introduction to the Calvinism-Arminianism debate

Baptists are a unique community of faith. Baptists are the only denominational group with a heritage in both the Calvinist and Arminian camps. Arminian Baptists, known as General Baptists, arose in 1609. Calvinists Baptists, known as Particular Baptists, arose during the 1640’s. Baptist Calvinists, however, rejected Calvin’s doctrine of the church (ecclesiology). Baptist historian Jesse Fletcher identified the issue of divine sovereignty and human responsibility as the oldest fault line in Baptist life. Fletcher defined a fault line as “persistent historical differences that are either present in Southern Baptist life and that have been tolerated or papered-over in the past.” Fletcher warned that fault lines create the possibility of tension, potential division, and realignment. In the context of a divisive theological issue, the majority of Southern Baptists affirm a hybrid theology neither fully Arminian nor fully Calvinist.

Point of View: Dave Says

Dave Says is a column featuring the financial advice of nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, the Dave Says column is filled with timely, relevant questions and answers taken from actual calls on Ramsey's radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show.

Point of View: Sex-Selection Abortion in the U.S.: The Myth of ‘Choice’

A few years ago, Douglas Almond and Lena Edlund of Columbia University were looking at data from the 2000 Census. They noticed that immigrants from China, Korea and India had fewer American-born daughters than you would expect.

Day of prayer for BCF Jan. 29

The initial recommendation and request for the special day of prayer from BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen to the board of trustees, and then to the Florida Baptist State Convention, stated that Baptists are a praying people.

“We pray for our personal needs, our families, our churches, our denomination, our country and on through an unending list of concerns. Prayer makes a difference in the lives of those who are praying, and in the lives of those who are fortunate enough to be the objects of the prayers of God’s people,” the recommendation reads.

FBCH advances sanctity of human life ministry on multiple fronts

LAKELAND (FBCH)—A young woman got out of a van in the parking lot and began a slow but determined walk to the doors of the Planned Parenthood clinic in East Orlando. She already had two small children, and her husband had just lost his job.

In light of their circumstances, they felt there was no other option except to terminate the pregnancy.

NOBTS sets fall record with 244 grads

NEW ORLEANS (BP)—New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary set a fall graduation record as 244 graduates received degrees on Dec. 17—66 more than the previous fall record set in 2003. And at least six of those graduating have Florida ties.

NOBTS President Chuck Kelley started his commencement address by congratulating the graduates for completing an intense course of study.

Acts 10:9-15, 22-38, 28-29, 34-35: January 22—Loving in a divided culture

In order to appreciate fully the significance of Peter’s encounter with the Roman Centurion, we need a firm grasp of the Holy Spirit’s design and actions for the Book of Acts. It is a chronicle of the way He broke down geographical and

Deuteronomy 15:7-11; 24:10-15, 17-18: January 29—Giving in a greedy culture

Greed in its most basic sense refers to an excessive desire for food. However, desire for food in families which lack enough food for health maintenance is a different matter entirely. Obtaining sufficient nurture for survival becomes a consuming passion. On the other hand, the word greedy takes on a different meaning, usually referring to an excessive desire for wealth. For most of us we have less lofty goals, being content to amass enough regular income and retirement to prevent ever being a burden on society. Beyond caring for ourselves we realize there are less fortunate people in our communities who need help. As Jesus said, the poor will be with us always (Matt. 26:11).

Student in gay counseling case loses in court

ATLANTA (BP)—Counseling student Jennifer Keeton will not be returning to Augusta State University while she fights against the school’s attempt to make her complete a remediation plan designed to change her views on homosexuality.

NIGERIA: Christmas bombings, Islamist uptick

WASHINGTON (BP)—On Christmas Day, churches were bombed in five Nigerian cities—Madalla (a suburb of the capital Abuja), Jos, Kano, Damaturu and Gadaka—leaving dozens, perhaps hundreds, dead or wounded. The killings apparently were the latest handiwork of the violent

Islamist group Boko Haram, and they show an increased level not only of violence but also of sophistication, since the explosions were coordinated and widespread, including the northwest, north and center of the country.

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