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Page expresses hope for convention in 2007

TAYLORS, S.C. (BP)-Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, is asking Southern Baptists to repent of their "self sufficiency" and plead with God for a spiritual revival during 2007. He also is calling upon the convention to seek reconciliation over divisive issues that distract from the objectives of missions and evangelism.

Massachusetts marriage amendment overcomes opposition, passes

BOSTON (BP)-In an action that surprised even some conservatives, Massachusetts legislators Jan. 2 passed a proposed constitutional marriage amendment just hours before it would have died as the session ended.

Conferences emphasize personal stewardship

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-For too long the issue of personal stewardship has been neglected in many churches and the results have been detrimental in a consumer-driven society where Americans are pressured to spend, often more than they earn, Ashley Clayton, associate vice president for stewardship at the Executive Committee, said.

'Facing the Giants' tops $10 million at box office

ALBANY, Ga. (BP)-In Hollywood, $10 million is mere change. In Albany, Ga., it's a sign of God's blessing.

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Point of View

Gerald Ford died last week and was remembered as the 38th President of the United States. Forty one other men have held that office, but what singled Ford from the rest of the pack was his willingness to put doing what was right to heal the country ahead of his personal political career.

Point of View

The late Stephen Jay Gould at Harvard used to describe religion and science as occupying "non-overlapping magisterial authority," or what he called NOMA. That is, science and religion occupied different "domains," or areas of life, in which each held "the appropriate tools for meaningful discourse and resolution."

Christmas Day tornadoes catalyze DR response

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-Florida Baptists were both victims and responders when a series of tornadoes hit the state on Christmas Day causing then Governor Jeb Bush to declare a state of emergency in four counties.

Fruit Cove GAs impact international, local missions

FRUIT COVE (FBC)-Honoring their pledge to "live a missions lifestyle that honors God," the fourth-grade Girls in Action of Fruit Cove Baptist Church assumed responsibility for raising money to aid an International Mission Board missionary couple.

Disaster rebuild renews lives and faith

NEW SMYRNA BEACH (FBC)-A tattooed image of cartoon characters Snoopy and Woodstock adorns Walter Gunther's left bicep with the words, "I love my Grams." It's a sentimental expression of gratitude for the sacrifices Irene Gunther has made to raise her three grandchildren.

FBC adds 6 churches

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)-According to a report released by the Florida Baptist Convention's Church Planting Department, Florida Baptists started six new churches in November, 2006. The following is a listing of new churches by association:

Court sides with pro-lifers in campaign finance ruling

WASHINGTON (BP)-Free speech advocates recently gained an important victory in their support of advertising on legislative issues during election campaigns.

CP giving: 4.24 percent ahead of 2005's pace

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)-As of Dec. 31, year-to-date contributions through the Southern Baptist Convention's Cooperative Program are 4.24 percent ahead of the same time frame at the end of 2005, according to a news release from SBC Executive Committee President and Chief Executive Officer Morris H. Chapman.

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